Ring Road Run

The weather was cloudy and threatening with rain most of the day. By the late afternoon, the cloud had mostly cleared and there were some blue skies and sunshine. The temperate was about 20C.

I was alone on this ride and decided to do something more substantial. My intent was to ride up to Upfield Bikeway and search for a track linking it to the Western Ring Road. The junction of the Western Ring Road and Sydney Road is near where the Merri Creek Trail begins.

At the end of the Upfield Bikeway, I crossed Box Forest Road and cycled up Sages Road. From satellite images on Google Map, I can make out a track leading to the Ring Road long side the train tracks. Unfortunately, when I reached the end of Sages Road, the track was fenced off. Determined to continue the ride, I backtracked to Box Forest Road. At this point, I realised that I have forgotten my water bottle. I realised that I need to get to water before the thirst sets in without forsaking the ride.

I cycled west on Box Forest Road and turned right into May Street. May Street eventually led me to John Street which connects up with the Western Ring Road Path. I travelled east on the path and cross Sydney Road to the start of Merri Creek Trail. My throat was a bit dry but I wasn’t particularly thirsty. I felt that I should be able to get to Coburg Lake without water. Fortunately, there was a cool breeze which helped to cool me down. At Momba Park, I circled a building looking for a tap but couldn’t find one. By the time I reached Coburg, I was in need of water and refreshed myself at a tap.

After a short rest, I decided to ride home via Merri Creek. I have originally wanted to complete the circuit by getting home via the Captial City Trail that connects to Upfield Bikeway to where I started but I have decided against it as it was getting close to dinner time and I was feeling a bit hungry. So I left the trail at Auturton Street and cycled home from there.

In total the ride was about 30 km (the track log above has been edited). It took slightly over 2 hours to complete. It wasn’t a bad effort but my average speed wasn’t great. I would have like to complete the circuit but I would have to leave it for another time.

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