You Yangs Walk

The weather was partly cloudy and the temperature was around the twenties. It was near perfect condition for a walk in the You Yangs. We met up with a couple of families (one of which is visiting from Hong Kong for a lunch picnic near the tunrtable car park.

We had original planned to make the climb up to Flinders Peak but the track was closed for repairs. Instead, we deciding to walk to Bunjiil Geoglyph which is a much easier walk. It was spring and the flowers were in full bloom. That makes the walk quite pleasant.

When we reached the Bunjiil Geoglyph, there we 2 geocaches that we could find. One was Apollo 11 and the other was Where Australian Eagles DareApollo 11 is a multicache which requires you to get to Flinders Peak for clues to solve a puzzle. Fortunately, we solved the puzzle from our last visit to the You Yangs.

The two caches were relatively quickly found. We looked around a bit before heading back to the Turntable car park. Before we left the You Yangs, we visited Big Rock which is quite impressive.

Overall, it was a lovely day out for all of us.