Reviving this site

Common Starling

I was looking for a place to display my photographs. After looking at Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media platforms, I have decided that these platform offers little or no protection for the copyright of these images.

I was originally looking to decommission this site when I rebuilt my server. Given that I have a need to post my photos, I have decided to migrate this site to my new server. Apart from, I will be posting the photographs that I find interesting to this site in the future. As a differentiation from, I will also post other genre of photography on this site.

The photograph above was taken in the morning of Thursday 2 May 2024 in Royal Park. I like this photograph more than I really should. It is a photograph of an introduced species (Common Starling) occupying a nest box in Royal Park.

Nikon Z 9, Nikkor Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S @ f/6.3 1/800s ISO3600.

NBN has arrived in Brunswick



We were fortunate enough to live in the trial zone of the NBN in Brunswick. Today the NBN connection was installed. We have free 100Mbps broadband until October courtesy of iinet.

After some mind-taxing networking scripting, the server can now handle the 2 wan connections (ADSL and NBN). The speed is extraordinary. I don’t care what some people say, it is money well-spent by the government. It will raise Australia technological profile.

Check out the speed test.

Speed test result

Speed test result